Motor Insurance

About Motor Insurance

Motor Insurance is also called vehicle insurance. It is a kind of insurance policy which is purchased for cars, trucks, bikes and other vehicles. It provides protection to the vehicle owner against any financial loss due to the theft or physical damage caused to his vehicle. Man-made or natural calamities may be responsible for such damage to the vehicles. Motor vehicle coverage also includes the damage caused to the third party or property. People work hard enough to generate enough money for buying a vehicle of their choice for fulfilling their transportation needs. However, their vehicle may get heavily damaged due to some unfortunate incident which can take place at any time. Because of the high cost of repairing or replacing their vehicle, it becomes important for them to have a vehicle insurance policy. This will provide complete care to their vehicle. Also, it is mandatory for vehicle owners to have a motor insurance under the Motor Vehicles Act, mostly a third party insurance. Being a vehicle owner, you must have some knowledge about vehicle insurance. Are you aware of terms like deductible or premium? Do you really know about various sections of an auto insurance policy and do you know how can you choose the best insurance plan?

We are dealing in following motor vehicle insurance:

Motor Insurance Advantage


Comprehensive Policy

Covers damage to your own vehicle and any damage done to the property or body injury suffered by the third party.


Insurance Companies also offer add on coverage options like consumable cover, zero depreciation and engine protection cover.

Road Side Assistance/Loss of personal belongings/Key Loss

Road Side Assistance provides accommodation, arranges mechanic in event of any internal damage or flat tyre during travelling on the road. Loss of personal belongings offers protection for belongings lying in the vehicle excluding gold or cash. Key Loss covers theft or misplacement of key.

Renewal Reminder

You will get a reminder through SMS or EMAIL before 15 days of the expiry of policy, so you can renew it in a timely manner.