About Us

We are not selling anything online rather just educate customer about the product features , coverages, exclusions , claim settlement and all other things where customer get confused while buying any insurance/loans etc.


Best Deals Insurance is a reputed and trusted company founded by an experienced and knowledgeable insurance expert. Best Deals Insurance is a pioneer company whose prime focus is on educating customers about the features of insurance products, coverages, claim settlement, exclusions and all other related things which can cause confusion among them at the time of buying any insurance/loans and other investment options. Best Deals Insurance is focusing more on SME products where all the aspects are covered as per the specific requirements of clients. The company also provides free consultation on all the available category of products.

Why choose us?

We are not selling insurance/loan products online. Instead, we are educating and sharing knowledge on the features of products, coverages, claim settlement, exclusions and all other things which can create confusion among the customers at the time of purchasing any insurance/loans and other investment options. If a customer feels satisfied with the product details provided by us, then he may seek competitive quotes from various insurance providing companies.

Services We Offer:

  • Instant quotes
  • Door step service
  • Committed Sales, Claim, Support team for 24 x 7 customer service
  • Claim Assistance

Why you should purchse Insurance from Agent than buy it online?

Buying insurance for your home, business, auto or other needs is one of the most important decisions of your life and it needs to be taken carefully. We understand what is important for consumers for securing insurance. People consider these things important at the time of purchasing insurance:

  • Cost
  • How easily a coverage can be obtained
  • How quickly a coverage can be obtained
  • Peace of mind that everything is covered
  • Their personal data remains secure

Some people may feel that buying insurance directly from an insurance company results in a lower price which is not true. Commission is inbuilt in the insurance products offered by the insurance companies and agents do not charge customers any extra premium for them.

Due to the busy life people lead, they do not have time to call or argue with an insurance company directly for their needs specially when buying corporate products like group health, liability, fire, etc. In these situations, an insurance agent plays an important role as he is paid by an insurance company to provide services to its customers and clients.